Flight Information

Marsh Harbour International Airport has flights available from Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Nassau. The airport also serves private pilots and smaller airlines. A passport is required by US Government for travel from the Bahamas to United States. Taxis are at the airport awaiting all flights.

Upon arrival at Marsh Harbour Airport, take a taxi to the grocery, bakery and liquor stores. Your taxi driver will wait while you shop. Some grocery stores in Marsh Harbour are open on Sunday. Most of the stores are closed during holidays.

We are located on the south tip of Lubbers Quarters Cay. There is a sign at the end of our dock (Watercolours) and the tops of our pilings are white. When you arrive at the boat rental dock, they can help you with directions to Watercolours. Remind them to call us on the VHF Channel 09 when you are departing from their dock.

Ft. Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour:
Silver Airways 1-800-523-3273
Bahamasair 1-800-222-4262

Miami to Marsh Harbour:
American Eagle 1-800-433-7300

West Palm Beach to Marsh Harbour:
US Airways 1-800-428-4322
BahamasAir 1-800-222-4262
Silver Airways 1-800-523-3273

Daytona\Jacksonville to Marsh Harbour:
Craig’s Air 1-904-641-0300

Daytona Beach, Orlando-Sanford to Marsh Harbour:
Airgate Charters 407-585-3546

Orlando to Marsh Harbour:
Silver Airways 1-800-523-3273

Orlando\Sanford to Marsh Harbour:
Air Unlimited 1-407-585-4300

Atlanta to Marsh Harbour:
Delta 1-800-455-2720

Nassau to Marsh Harbour:
Western Air 1-242-367-3722
Bahamas Air 1-800-222-4262

Cherokee 1-242-367-2089

As scheduled airlines frequently, change, please check with your travel agent/airlines

Rental Boats
A rental boat is a must for travelling around the islands. You will use it like your car at home. We recommend

    • Island Marine 242-366-0282
    • Sea Horse Boat Rentals 242-367-2513
    • Blue Wave Rentals 242-367-3910
    • Waterways 242-357-6540